How do you become an Amazon affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is a way to market other people's products for a fee. has the world's largest affiliate program called Amazon Associates. Here, Amazon connects you with thousands of sellers and helps you market these products in exchange for a percentage in commission.
Why Amazon? Wide selection Amazon has basically everything you can think of, so whether you want to focus on marketing soccer shoes or barbecues, it is most likely available on It also gives you the opportunity to create a portal for marketing a very wide number of products - without having to focus on anything specific.
High conversion is a website that converts buyers extremely well. Buyers are used to using the platform and are often already members and therefore just a click away from a purchase. From Amazon, you also get a commission for all products a buyer buys, not just the marketed product.
Easy Amazon Associates is extremely easy to get started with. It therefore takes very little effort to set up and create an associate account to start marketing products. However, they require that you must make three qualified sales within 180 days to get out of the "trial period".
Reliable Amazon is a well-established and reliable brand and buyers feel extremely safe and at home in ordering their goods from there. They also have very good customer service and other types of action systems that are very advantageous for buyers.
How do you become an Amazon affiliate? Keep track of the competition . If you are eager to sell something special, try to find out how large the supply and demand for this is. Is it reasonable that you should succeed in taking part in the buying crowd for exactly what you are interested in marketing?
Check the commission percentage before you start
Skip Wix - run WordPress . Without going into too much detail, WordPress is such a much better platform to build your website on than Wix is, even though they attract with a "website in two minutes" campaign.
Do not aim too wide, but also not too narrow . Aim to create a media channel where the purpose and focus are balanced to create a serious impression for your visitors.
Sell ​​a solution to a problem, not a product.
Do not give up too soon! It will take time, and it will be sad not to sell so many products in the beginning. But once it happens, the effort is worth it!