google page speed insight

How Google Page Speed Insight Works?

If you want to find optimization potential on your site, there is hardly a way to go to Google Tool PageSpeed ​​Insights Over. It is not only a good measuring tool in itself, it is also used in many other Page Speed ​​tests and is therefore one of the most important orientation points for optimization on the page.
You've probably seen results like this before: Google issues two values: On the one hand, the absolute evaluation of page potential. For this, Google gives a value between 1 and 100. A score of 100 means that the website is optimized according to all art rules, according to Google. On the other hand, PageSpeed ​​Insights' optimization potentials are marked in color: Red stands for necessary optimizations, orange for recommended and green for already optimized parts of your page.
But beware: Google notes should be enjoyed with caution. Because Google does not provide a real speed value, but a speed potential, which is measured by Google's criteria. For the interpretation of data, this means: Google provides indications of measures that theoretically optimize page performance. However, Google does not say whether these measures can also be implemented.
For RAIDBOXES, for example , Google provides PageSpeed ​​Insights, which should optimize that browser's cache. But the fact that this is practically impossible can only be seen when one looks more closely at that point. Our own websites are therefore a good example of the fact that a Google rating that needs to be improved cannot be equated with a relatively slow website. In part, you simply have to ignore Google's statements.