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This is, MD Anik Rahman Choudhuri , an SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Firstly, i would like to welcome all my wishers who have alrady visited my websites. I have today helped over 20 companies to develop their digital presence online through, among other things, search engine optimization (SEO) and Google advertising (Adwords). Unlike many other agencies, I only work with Advanced SEO, E-Commerce SEO & SEM, but I consider myself more of a Local SEO specialist. I therefore have 100% focus on delivering visibility on Google to our customers. I leave the construction of websites, Facebook advertising and other types of marketing to other companies as experts in just this. When I enter a customer project, I put on the "customer hat" and become the customer's Google Marketer. Whether it's about increasing sales, getting more contacts or strengthening the company's brand through Google, I deliver results. I am one of the few players who dare to work entirely on a commission basis where you as a customer only need to pay for the days you appear on Google's front page.Besides,I’ve worked as a SEO Expert with few centers at SEO Training in Bangladesh, like CV-LINKED group, BITM and New Horizon-International. Results first and invoice then simply!


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SEO is a strategy and methods to increase your digital visibility with good exposure on Google. As a well-established SEO agency in Dhaka, CV Linked Group, with knowledge, technology, structure and optimization of content, make your website stand out as high as possible in search engines' organic search results. CV Linked Group launches SEO certification Course where I who work with SEO can certify my knowledge in SEO. With SEO Certify, you get the opportunity to easily show employers what you can do when it comes to search engine optimization. Provided with search engine optimization since 2019, When I started working with SEO, the rules of the game to get your website to rank high in the search engines were completely different. In step with the digital development, This SEO agency has grown and developed. Now a days SEO specialists use different methods than they did almost 5 years ago.

SEO Certification course from Cvlinked group

My Missions

i develop the skills that develop the business community. My mission is to offer people and companies business training and collaborations that are useful now and in the future. I shape and let ourselves be shaped by the outside world in the midst of an international business life that is constantly changing.


  • Analysis of the current situation:- I start with a current analysis of your website
  • .
  • Keyword strategy:- I investigate the position of your website in Google's hit list based on the search phrases you use.

  • On page - Content for the visitor:- I make changes to your website, so-called on page optimization, based on the current situation analysis.

  • Off page - Links that give power:- All search engine optimization that takes place outside of your site is called off page optimization
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  • Follow-up:- I believe that follow-up is the basis for a long-term and successful collaboration. Therefore, we make sure that you continuously receive reports from us
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    My Skills

    Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia


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    SEO company with a focus on results The search engines are today the largest buying channel for both companies and individuals. About 10 million searches are made every day on Google Bangladesh and almost all new visits to a website come from just one search engine. The company's SEO and online presence has never been more important than it is now! Getting more visitors to the company's website is of course good, but what you most of all want are eager visitors who are actually looking for the company's services or products. It is these visitors that with the help of search engine optimization (SEO) can help you get to your website! I am an SEO expert for small and medium-sized businesses that helps you all the way, from finding the right search phrases to actually appearing at the top of Google. Want to know more about how I can develop your presence on Google and improve the visibility of your business ? Contact us today for a free quote!


    Your business can quickly gain many more customers through Google! 95% of all potential customers in Bangladesh search on Google first & usually only when they want to buy a product or need Seo service in Bangladesh . The most important question you as an entrepreneur can ever ask yourself is: Does my company use Google's full potential to be seen & stand out - before, during & after this search, in all available ways ? Maybe you've already thought that thought? Google has developed and is providing a range of great help tools and services for companies like yours, in order to help you & your customers find each other . For every day that passes while your business does not benefit from all these services, you lose lots of potential customers & an incredible number of great opportunities, via the absolute most important marketing platform every smart business leader & marketing manager cares about the most: Google ! I help your company with everything that needs to be done to accurately and completely take full advantage of this most important marketing channel. There is nothing more important to your business

    than taking care of it properly and completely . I have the most advanced knowledge, broadest experience and complete resources in the subject, and are uniquely specialized in doing absolutely everything that needs to be done for you, so you do not have to do anything. Instead, you can do what you do best, while resting confidently in the knowledge that your company uses the best and latest Google services in order to be seen and stand out where it matters most: Google . I arrange everything . I have the best search engine optimization on the market unique complete concept that focuses not only on your website, but on your entire company's Google presence - just as important, if not more important.I adapt to you and help you in the best possible way to: be found via Google ,know what works through Google , reach the best customers at the best opportunity through Google , attract more customers through Google , double the interest in your business through Google , be where your customers are via Google , arouse interest through Google , take control of the company's reputation via Google , build trust through Google , rank higher on Google , view any floor plans through Google , start having better customer service through Google , coordinate the company better through Google , and much more!


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    For me, I am a professional SEO expert in Dahka and a Best SEO trainer in Bangladesh who probably found by searching for one of our services on Online SEO Training . In exactly the same way, I can with keyword Optimization help you to be visible on Google and capture the customers who are searching for your specific products and services. I work with long-term keyword optimization and am so good at what I do that I dare to say "If i do not succeed, you pay nothing!"I am one of the best seo trainer that work COMPLETELY results-based and only charge for the days you end up on Google's front page, ie only the Top 10 on Google. Do you have first place in Google's hit list as a goal? Keep that thought in mind. The first place on Google is a difficult, but not impossible task. Sometimes you can see a noticeable difference between ending up on the front page of Google. We work long-term with search engine optimization so that you get a genuine and sustainable result. In our opinion, working with how you appear on Google is a

    digital marketing

    Digital marketing

    I am Working as a digital marketing experts strategically with social media can provide fantastic returns. Digital marketing and social media is the right type of communication and content in their channels. I develop a strategy that is designed for your target group and that you can easily work according to. I help you with everything from developing your social media policy and concept, to the actual content production.
    Introduction to Digital Strategy and what is included in the concept of Digital Strategy.

  • 2.Teach us how to optimize the website.
  • 3.Find out where in the process we lose customers.
  • 4.How loyal our customers are.
  • 5.How much processing is needed before converting.
  • 6.How do we distribute the advertising budget smartest for the best effect per invested Which products and services should have a more prominent place and which should be removed from the range.

  • 7.What trends we see and can we plan based on this. 8.How we should work to achieve our goals. Benefits of working strategically with social media 1.Get user-generated content 2.Viral spread 3.The right kind of visibility 4.Cost effective 5.New customers 6.Strengthen the brand.

    seo services

    SEO Services

    With Provide Local SEO services in Bangladesh I have many years of experience in search engine optimization, I know what works and what destroys. Through careful and long-term work, together with our customers,i develop the website so that it meets all the requirements - both from search engines and visitors - that are set today. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is used as a collective term for all the activities you carry out in order to improve your ranking and your visibility among the organic results of the search engines - simply your work with your website to end up as high as possible in Google hit list. Understanding what the customer is looking for and how to best customize your site in structure and content is really what search engine optimization is all about, and it may sound simple, but in a time of rapid change and high demands on relevant and unique content, search engine optimization is work a strategic and time-consuming job, which requires both quick feet and technical skills.

    Services What I Proivide

    Affordable packages for all types of companies 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Free support by phone or email Mobile adaptation is always included We build responsive websites in HTML,CSS,Javascript,Bootstrap and create web design at fantastic prices and quality. Here are some tips and tricks that you should consider before buying a website for your business. If you already know what you want for a website, you can contact us directly and we will help you create your new company website. What should I think about before? Before ordering a website, you should think about what colors, font and what design you like. An easy way to dothis is by finding other websites and web designs on the internet that you like and keep these in mind when you want to create your own website for the company. This helps us understand what your vision looks like and thus tailor and create the website you are looking for. Of course, we can make responsive websites that work just as well regardless of which digital device the customer uses. If there is already an existing company logo, we can also use the same colors when we design your website. This gives the company and the website a unified feeling. It is easy to realize that you need to have a website for your business. However, it is more difficult to choose a web agency as well as developer that can help you create a good website just the way you want it. You can get a cheap website in several different ways and if you get one via a web agency, you almost always have a 100% guarantee on the work done.It is easy to realize that you need to have a website for your business. However, it is more difficult to choose a web agency as well as developer that can help you create a good website just the way you want it. You can get a cheap website in several different ways and if you get one via a web agency, you almost always have a 100% guarantee on the work done.
    Our CPA marketing audit consists of a quick review of your marketing plan, your goals and strategies and the marketing activities you are currently performing. The goal is to see which activities generate success, and which need to be adjusted. Cost-per-action (CPA) marketing is a form of advertising in which the advertiser only pays when audiences participate in a particular action, such as making a purchase. This is an example of performance-based advertising, and it appears mostly online. For advertisers, it has significant benefits, and people seeking ad placements may experience different successes, depending on how many of their users are aware of the ads and take the desired action. Many companies offer CPA marketing along with other performance-based marketing tactics. In this form of marketing, a user must interact with an ad and complete an action, such as signing up for a lawsuit, purchasing a product, or completing an information form. Unlike cost-per-click advertising, where advertisers pay every time someone clicks on an ad, CPA marketing only offers payment when a specific action occurs. The advertiser can decide what it defines as an "action" and will write this in the contract so that the organization that places the ad knows when it will be paid. The advantage for advertisers is that they only have to pay when they get something. This can be a solid contact that can turn into a sale in the future, or it can be a real sale. CPA marketing is often used in affiliate marketing, where visitors to a website are encouraged to buy products through an affiliate link. When they make purchases, either a percentage of sales or a fixed fee goes to the subsidiary as a reward for getting traffic to the advertiser. Understanding of the digital ecosystem and how different elements interact Knowledge of how marketing is used in the most common digital channels Be able to analyze and understand digital consumer behavior Be able to apply measurement concepts and formulate goals and key figures for digital activities that align with overall business goals. Be able to master and understand systems / tools that contribute to the development of the digital presence Be able to understand and work with an agile approach and understand how it affects work process, budget and planning Be able to identify the customer journey and ensure that the right target group is served with the right content at the right time Be able to develop a digital strategy with a focus on goals, target groups, channels and content Be able to understand, interpret and analyze available data to be able to measure effect and conduct improvement work of their digital activities. Be able to make proposals based on data concerning complex business decisions regarding increased traffic, conversion, sales and profitability Be able to set requirements and evaluate digital suppliers Understand the importance of combining content and budget for reach Understand and learn the terminology in digital marketing
    I ensure that your website through maintenance and updates is not exposed in any way due to security breaches. I also measure the performance of your website through a couple of monitoring tools.I help you with security, technical operation, continuous development of your website. The course is suitable for you who work with, or want to start working with, creating, maintaining and updating content in WordPress. The course also includes a practical review of the interface. With hundreds of WordPress projects, we possess invaluable expertise in what works and what does not. You get recommendations on solutions based on thousands of hours of experience.

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    Search Engine Optimization Is A Longterm Process And SERP Comes After Three Or Six Months Later Within A Specific Specification. If Anyone Learns The SEO Topics Then Finds Lots Of Problems And Questions Generates In His Mind.


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    All Teaching Class Was A Very Memorable Moment For Me. When I Joined My 1st Class At That Time I Had No Idea About SEO. Right Now, I Learned Many Ideas About On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO. All Credit Goes To Md. Anik Rahman Choudhury. Thanks To Our Honorable Teacher For His Support.

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    If you already know what you want for a website, you can contact me directly and i will help you create your new company website.

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    I make websites appear at the top of Google. SEO Company or SEO Expert in Dinajpur help you and your company to be highly regarded on search engines and ensures that people find you when they search for your services. I create selling content that also keeps your website at the top of Google's search results. Web agency or SEO agency? Hire a Professional Seo expert is simply a creative company based on Seo training in Bangladesh that you turn to when you think about the digital landscape. Websites, search engine optimization, Google Ads and unique content creation are our strengths. An SEO professional is a person who is trained and skilled to research and analyze trends in search engine algorithms and find the best practices to improve ranks of any website in the search results.

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