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Hello, I am MD.Anik Rahman Choudhuri an SEO Expert In Bangladesh who is passionate about search engine optimization and marketing on Google. I have been running for just over 3 years and during the journey I have become even better at what we do, to help companies grow and get more profitability through Bangladeshi’'s Corporate Branches and Group of E-Commerce Companies .

As My customers grow, I must also grow and therefore I am always interested in meeting driven talents in web, SEO, SEM and digital marketing. Sometimes, I work in a dynamic environment with great freedoms and great responsibility where you get the opportunity to develop together with me. Are you not suitable for any of the services I am looking for right now? I am also sharing my knowledge through my YouTube channel and online SEO training in Bangladesh, I love to share knowledge and I have succeeded in spreading my knowledge across the globe .Contact me anyway if you think what i do seems interesting, I am in an expansive stage and for me it can be interesting to meet you!

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It is impossible to give a concrete answer to this. It depends on what the competition looks like and what conditions your website domain has. Of course, it also depends on how much time and resource you allocate for the ongoing SEO work. A completely new website without history usually takes much longer if you compare with a website with a long history and an already established link network. With that said, it can take anywhere from weeks, months and years before you can see the effect of search engine optimization. Seo experts help search engines like Google to understand which website , landing page is relevant linked to a unique search query. Google itself provides recommendations on how to work with your site to get better rankings in Google search results. The Google Search Console is also a tool provided by Google that is largely used to work with SEO. Organic Seo experts can never provide guarantees to our customers. There is really no SEO agency that can give you as a customer guarantees on specific positions. However, Local seo experts usually have a common goal picture together with our customers about what we want to achieve in a specific time period. Seo experts in Bangladesh regularly report the results to our customers to ensure that the work goes in the right direction.

Reporting our search engine optimization

Hello friends, I am Uttam Kumar Sarkar and work as a Practical SEO Trainer at BITM. Since 2010, I started work in a Local SEO company as an Executive. After completed my graduation, I always dreamed to be a succesfull freelancer. Right now, i am a Digital marketer and a succesfull Local SEO Expert In Bangladesh. Together with you, I go through which figures are important to you and what you want to measure. My reports are completely adapted to you and your business. In addition to the most important things such as the number of visitors and conversions, i look at the following parameters, among others: + How long your visitors stay on the page + Which pages are your most visited + Which devices your visitors use + How to find your visitors to you As a standard report, include your positions on Google for your search phrases and keywords so that you can always follow the development of search results and the increase in traffic. Everything presented weekly, monthly or the interval you want and with a language you understand. Do you need to learn SEO from the ground up or do you want us to come out to you to hold a company-specific training, i can solve it. Read about me how i can develop a layout for an SEO course for you or how we as SEO consultants work.

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Long-term search engine optimization

My name is Rocky Khan and work with the content on your website and with other pages to make your page rank high on Google . It is worth remembering that search engine optimization is a long-term job, it usually takes several months before the final result is clear. CPA marketing often requires a little more initial work and then continuous maintenance and regular updates of the entire site to keep the page up to date and for it to continue to rank high. In other words, there is a big difference between search engine optimization and purchased ads through Google Ads, where you can be seen on Google's front page at once. I can help you with both SEO and Google Ads. After the initial SEO advice is done, I move on to ongoing work where i ensure that i follow the schedule and make adjustments to achieve your goals. This can be done on site at you or from our office. Each assignment, website and competitive situation is unique and the assignment may include different types of efforts based on time needs and the website's current organic visibility. In the ongoing SEO work, i go through the following, among other things: • Follow-up meetings • Last month's results • Plan and activities ahead All my work is documented in tools and documents that are shared with you as the client. Then you can more easily follow the work and together i can see the progress that is made. Structure and accuracy are important to me in order for you to get value for your investment. In addition, My documentation of changes made enables you to receive a successful follow-up.


Digital marketing that breaks through the noise This means in concrete terms that our teams at i work closely together where my different competencies come into their own - and i also help transform your investments into success. My perspectives are based on high competence and long experience, and together i focus on your website - and of course social channels or other types of marketing - so that it is noticeable in your target group.You can find many local SEO service Compnay In Bangladesh.
But,i lift what you create With appealing and well-optimized texts on an SEO-optimized website with effective design, I make sure to communicate your goals so that customers find you - and get back to you. In this way, my various efforts give our own thorough and uniform result, which will be seen both in the number of visitors, the number of returning customers and in your return.
My promises to you:-
Google Advertising:-
With Google advertising, I reach those who are actively searching and searching for your products or services. Your ad appears in Google's search results, but it is only when someone clicks on your ad that you are charged.Together I decide when, where and how your ads will appear and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, visits your website or calls you.I provide Local SEO services in Bangladesh for businesses, Everybody wants nothing less than the best seo specialist in bangladesh. You can choose to show your ads in, for example, a specific city, you can pause your campaigns whenever you want, you have full control over the budget and it is easy to measure the result.
Advertising on Google is profitable and effective for most companies that want to get more customers and more business online, but it can also be costly and difficult if you do not have control over how advertising on Google works. Advertise with Google Ads:- There has many Seo service provider company in Bangladesh. I am a Google Advertising expert at Get full control of your marketing - all the way from ad text to measurable results, and everything in between. Unlike traditional marketing, with Google Ads you have control over who your message reaches, where it appears and at what cost - and everything is measurable. By and large, it's about using Ads to drive relevant traffic to your website, where it will hopefully be converted to existing customers. In order to reach as large a surfing population as possible,

Search engine optimization helps customers find you:- Getting a visitor to your website is of course good, but what i give you most of all want are eager visitors who are actually looking for your services or products. It is these visitors that i with the help of search engine optimization can help you capture! By search engine optimizing your website, you reach those who are actively looking for your services or products. I have already helped hundreds of companies to get top rankings on Google and thus also helped them to strengthen their brand, increase their sales and increase the number of new customer contacts. In Bangladesh alone, about 10 million searches are made every day and about 100 out of 80 people use Google when they make a purchase, the question then is which company is visible when your potential customers search?
Risk-free keyword optimization:- I understand that a lot of SEO experts claim to bring your website to top rank. Getting a visitor to your website is of course good, but what you most of all want are eager visitors who are actually looking for your services or products. It is these visitors that with the help of keyword optimization can help you get to your website! Today it is the front page of Google that counts, if you are not visible there you will not get any business. Therefore, I have developed a scheme where you only pay for just this, if the keyword optimization leads to you getting a placement on the first page of Google. No start-up costs or other fees, but i work after commission, i call this risk-free keyword optimization. i help you end up high on Google and you only pay when we have succeeded. Results first, invoice then simply!
No binding times. If you get tired of me, you are free to leave with who Advanced SEO Expert has created for you.
Transparent accounting. You find out everything From a local SEO expert in Bangladesh so that you understand and learn at the same time.
Exclusivity and transparency. If I optimize or advertise to a colleague in your industry, a Seo expert will tell you.
Ethical and environmentally friendly search engine optimization. working methods are those that Google approves and likes. In addition, I refrain from optimizing for companies in games, aviation, weapons and fossil fuels. Hiring an SEO expert is an investment, not an expenditure. Trust the best SEO expert to bring your business right under the fingertips of your customers. It goes without saying for me that you want to continue the collaboration for many years.


SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION:- A proper search engine optimized website is ultimately also a profitable website.
SEM and Google Ads:- Seo experts optimize your Google Ads campaigns to maximize the return on your investment. Measurement and web analysis of websites.
MEASUREMENT & ANALYSIS:- Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh help you create the right workflow and guide you how we as a team should ensure the goals.
WEB DEVELOPMENT & CONCEPTS:- A web agency is only optimal as SEO, UX and web design can go hand in hand.
SEO-OPTIMIZED COPY:- An SEO-optimized and good text content makes your website interesting. I provide a complete SEO solution for your business both off-page and on-page. While doing SEO you must need to know is your website user-friendly or not because if the website is not user-friendly the audience will not stay at your web page at the same time the site contents need to be unique, informative and SEO friendly.


Who is the best SEO service providing company in Bangladesh!
Just saw how a company markets itself by showing that they rank number one on the search phrase “ who is best SEO expert in bangladesh? ". How they thought I have no idea if the only thing I immediately realized was that they are definitely not the best at SEO. I strictly follow all the rules and regulations to rank on the search engine. i never allow any kind of black hat SEO tricks for our services. Being the best at search engine optimization is like being the best at building houses, being an entrepreneur or a parent. No one, least of all the one affected, has the mandate to name this best. When it comes to SEO, it is not possible to measure who is the best local seo expert, trainer and seo specialist by referring to the ranking of a search phrase hardly anyone goggles. For three years, I ranked first and second with the keyword search engine optimization . It would of course have been tempting to challenge the entire industry by claiming that I was the best SEO specilaist in bangladesh at search engine optimization then.