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If you want to join our Online SEO Training in Bangladesh that is committed and goal-oriented, then you have found the right one to put your names with the top rated SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Delivering strong numbers is our driving force and we will help you move forward in digital marketing. We are happy to share our knowledge and many newcomers testify not only of good training results but also of an appreciated knowledge transfer - from services to training. The best we know is to talk about and teach what we do best, search engine optimization. Every year, we train several organizations and companies in how they themselves can work with this in the best way and gain an increased understanding of the opportunities and challenges that exist in the area for Seo Projects.At every opportunity that we are to carry out an best online SEO training in BD, we create content that suits you depending on what skills you have today, what type of business you run and what you feel is most prioritized. Today we have talked about search marketing and trained groups of anywhere between 1 - 30 people. I, MD Anik Rahman, SEO Expert and Digital marketer,Md Rocky Khan is a CPA Marketer and Uttam Kumar sarkar , Digital Marketing Trainer will arrange Advanced SEO Training course. Being visible where even potential online courses are with targeted messages which focuses on the advanced methods of SEO for Basic SEO Experts increases the chances of getting a good return. By having our efforts measured and analyzed, anyone can optimize everything from their traffic sources to content on the website.So, Dont waste your valuable time , enroll yourself in the easiest and Best Online SEO Training Center in Bangladesh and get a chance to become a successful SEO Expert and fulfill your dream project.

Introduction to SEO and SEO Training in Dinajpur

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technology i as an SEO expert in bangladesh use to make your page appear high on Google in the regular (organic) hit list. Search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of our customers' digital marketing. This means that we work with the page's structure, content and inbound links to increase traffic from the leading search engine Google. Among other things, it is these things that affect how your page appears on Google and how high you get in the hit list. Using the right type of keyword optimization you can take the top positions and be seen on Google as one of the leading companies in your industry. When you search engine optimize a website, you can say that you help Google understand what the page is relevant for and what it is about, with the help of a good link strategy, we help Google understand the value of the page's content.

Why should you do SEO Training?

One of the first questions we usually get is "What does search engine optimization cost?" and the answer is always the same. It depends on how you want to be seen, how many new customers and visitors you want. Getting a visitor to your website is of course good, but what you most of all want are eager visitors who are currently looking for your services or products.There has many SEO service provider company in Bangladesh but Our Online SEO Training in Bangladesh will show and teach all the methods that can be used for ranking any website in a search engine. The price for search engine optimization is often very low if you compare with other market channels, the reason for this is that you reach the right target group when they themselves are interested and looking for just your products or services. Hiring a search engine optimizer or seo experts in bangladesh and buying that service we think should be seen as an investment rather than a cost, what you put in should come back in the form of new customers, more orders or more interested contacts. Our search engine optimizers make your website relevant to the search phrases that your customers Google on and with the help of a well-designed link strategy, we tell Google that your page is "popular". By working with optimization both on and off your website, online seo training can help you drive the right type of traffic to your website and capture visitors who are in need of what you offer! The benefits of search engine optimization are many, in addition to reaching the right audience at the right time, you can also get measurable results in a completely different way than what other marketing channels offer. After we have installed the traffic tracking on your website, you will then be able to clearly see what this has given you.

SEO Course Module Of Online and Physical Training

For our clients, we are their strategic partner when it comes to online SEO Training in Dhaka and all that SEO means for their business. With more than three years of experience as an online SEO training and over 100 successful customer projects, we have the knowledge required to get your company to develop digital marketing and thus get more contacts and more customers.

Search engine optimization today

Today, it's about much more to be able to compete to be seen at the top of Google's search results. Still simplified but with some further explanation, search engine optimization means these parts:-
Analyze technical conditions HTTPS, fast-loading pages and mobile friendliness should permeate the entire website. Keyword analysis in several steps. Both before work and during the time it takes place. Create relevant content with high quality and with fact density that provides value to the visitor in some form. Avoid duplicate content and competing pages.
Clarify to the visitor and Google what the site and individual pages are about. Create landing pages and use On Page optimization. Create a healthy link profile that, along with great content, makes your site better than your competitors'SEO.
Examples of services we offer:
1.Ensure SEO at new website.
2.Ensure SEO when changing e-commerce platform.
3.Troubleshooting for lost placements and organic traffic.
4.Tailor-made training in SEO for key people.
5.Advice, ongoing or one-time intervention.
6.SEO-adapted texts.
7.Technical fixes in, for example, WordPress CMS.
8.Reputation management (Google cleaning) So therefore, whenever you plan to start your SEO Training in BD, make sure you enroll yourself in such a SEO Training Institute in Dhaka that provides practical knowledge in their Online SEO Training in Bangladesh.

On page SEO

In short, it is about creating as relevant a website as possible, containing relevant and clear landing pages. We are always try to start from making it easy for the visitor to the website. Everything from the website's responsiveness, navigation, headings and subpages devoted to specific search phrases as well as clear images and text content. In addition to this, a number of technical measures are implemented to make it as easy as possible for Google's algorithm to index and understand the content on the website. All work carried out by an SEO Expert in Bangladesh on the website is called "onpage seo".

Off Page SEO

The second part of the SEO work is to continuously work with what is called "offpage seo". In other words, relevant links that point to your website. It is essential that these are natural links from relevant websites. For example: links from suppliers or other companies' websites in the same industry. It is important to see the work with search engine optimization as a long-term project. Only a real, true, and Professional SEO Expert in Bangladesh will help you discover this hidden strategies and techniques. This is because it takes time before the search engine algorithms have indexed the changes that have been implemented, and until you see its real effect. Thereafter, the work for the online SEO training in BD continues to continuously make adjustments in the optimization with the aim of constantly improving the website's positioning on the search engines.

Keyword analysis

A well-conducted keyword analysis is a solid foundation on which to build successful search engine optimization. SEO Experts in Bangladesh deliver the results in a report, where keywords that have the potential to generate traffic and what your customers are interested in become clear. Search engine optimization is not just about ranking highest, it is about ranking highest on keywords that are really relevant and profitable for you. Since search engine optimization is a long-term job, it is important to produce a proper keyword analysis right from the start. That way, we know what's worth your budget to optimize. When we conduct a keyword analysis, it is investigated which keywords are relevant, we examine competition and see where there is potential to increase your ranking. We use experience in combination with digital tools to analyze the current situation.The results of our keyword analysis are delivered to you in the form of a written report. We compile it in a way that is easy to follow and provides a good overview, but at the same time covers a large amount of information. You own the result. It can be used as a starting point to implement other SEO efforts. Are you interested in ordering a keyword analysis conducted by knowledgeable specialists? Get in touch with us and we will tell you more.So, whenever you are taking a SEO Training in Bangladesh, always try to talk to the trainer and talk or ask about the strategies and techniques of Keyword Analysis.

local seo

Local search engine optimization

When you want to get hold of a plumber or recruitment agency, what do you type in the search field? Probably "plumber" or "recruitment agency" plus your city or town. In the same way, it works in many industries, for both products and services. This is why local search engine optimization can give you so much added value back.Local search engine optimization, also called local SEO expert in Bangladesh , is done for obvious reasons in a way similar to classic search engine optimization. The website must have a good structure, relevant links to it and content with value. The local aspect is like sugar on top. A way to reach people who are not only close to buying but also close to you geographically.An important part of the work is to make it clear on the website

where you are and operate. It makes it easier not only for the search engines but also for your visitors. In addition, there are several adjustments in the technology behind the site, to make it even easier for the search engines to understand which geographical areas they should associate you with. We have extensive experience of local search engine optimization and follow the latest developments in the field. As SEO is an area in constant change, it is a prerequisite for giving you advice that is current and effective. Does that sound like something for you? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to discussing it with you in more detail.All of these techniques are covered during the SEO Training in BD.

ecommerce seo


Get more to find you, just when they are ready to buy! Our search engine optimization specialists create new opportunities for your e-commerce by driving relevant traffic to your site. With expertise in the technology behind websites, building links and creating content, we can take a holistic approach to optimization. All for the search engines to perceive you as a popular player who knows your stuff.For both start-ups and established e-traders, continuous search engine optimization is well worth investing in. Not even the results of intensive and well-done SEO work are static. In order to maintain your ranking, it is a great advantage to receive ongoing help. Especially in an industry like e-commerce, where the website is in many cases the only channel for customers to make purchases.


Advertise on Facebook

The right message to the right target group. Less waste, better results. Thanks Facebook! By offering advertisers the ability to control ad impressions based on almost more than they know about themselves, it is now possible to be seen by the right people with exact precision. If the target group can then be divided into several sub-segments, you can also test several different messages and see what works best for each sub-segment. Facebook offers several different types of ads - we know which ones are best suited depending on the purpose!
Examples of targeting methods when creating an audience: 1.Gender, age, geographical location 2.Level of education, field of study 3.Interests (broad and more precise) 4.Profession; title, employer or industry 5.Relationship status.

youtube marketing

Advertise on YouTube

Today, companies can advertise with moving material in a cost-effective way. Spending a large budget on TV advertising, as before, is a declining form of marketing. This is due to the change in human behavior, which has gone from classic TV watching to online video services. Youtube is by far the world's largest form of mobile media. With more than a billion people watching over 6 billion hours of video per month together. However, large productions are not required to succeed with moving

material online. We help you with the strategic thinking of the design of moving media and to reach out with your material in a cost-effective way to the right target group.
Benefits of Advertising on YouTube:
1.Advertising with a strong ad format, moving media.
2.The opportunity to reach a large number of people.
3Target group adapt to who you want to reach (gender, age, city, etc.).
4.Brand building
5.Strong conversion
6.Budget-friendly format.

linkedin marketing

Advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network and with its two million users in Bangladesh alone, it offers unique business opportunities - both for the advertiser and for the recruiter. The difference between LinkedIn and other social networks is the unique user base. Here, highly educated professionals are crowded with companies and organizations of all sizes. Together, they have the insight into the importance of networking.

google analaytics

Google Analytics and measurement

The key to successful digital work is structured analysis and measurement. Among other things, we work with Google Analytics, which is an analysis and measurement tool with a number of functions that help you analyze and measure the data to and on your website. Do you know where your visitors come from today? Do they come through a search engine, social media or other website and above all, which of your activities converts

best? The analytics tool can show you how visitors came to your site, which pages they viewed, and which device they used. You can measure sales and conversions, for example. how many are starting to subscribe to your newsletter and where they came from. How many people watch your YouTube videos on the site?

Wordpress Installation

In the web industry, the term Content Management System (CMS) is used constantly. If you have ever sat in a meeting with a web agency or tried to create a website on your own, it is very likely that you have come across the term or possibly its synonym: WordPress. But what does CMS really mean and what does it have to do with WordPress? CMS stands for "Content Management System" and is a system for managing and administering digital content. With a CMS, you can, without being a digital genius, add, change or delete content on a web page. The advantage becomes quite obvious: as a publisher of a web page, you can control the content without having to involve a web agency every time. Usually you also connect to a blog - with most CMSs, that functionality is already built-in. When many people talk about CMS, they are referring to WordPress. WordPress is the big CMS giant with a market share of almost 60%, and which is behind almost 30% of all websites in the world. Obviously WordPress is doing something right, but we definitely believe that other competitors will eat up market share from WordPress in the next few years. Getting started and running a website with WordPress is relatively easy, but if you want a customized design, you usually need a web developer or a SEO Expert in Bangladesh needs to install the theme if the client asks or involved. It is therefore quite likely that other CMSs where the whole development process is a piece-of-cake will take up more and more space. An advantage of WordPress today is that basically all web agencies can work with it. At the same time, all content on the website is stored in a database, so if you want to make a total makeover on the website, it can easily be done without losing the content - the same applies if you want to change web agency.

Course Outline of Online Advanced SEO Training in Bangladesh

According to Online Advanced Seo Training in bangladesh 2020, the daily search for information online has more than quadrupled since 2019. Search engine optimization is only becoming more and more relevant, not least for you as a marketer. But if there is no clear strategy for this work, it is easy to miss something. Maybe it's the work with links, maybe it's the structure of the website that can be improved. It is also common for misunderstandings about search engine optimization and what actually affects the rankings in search results. Through our Advanced Online SEO training courses, you will learn how search engine optimization works and what parts are included. Having an understanding of this area will be a long-term investment in your company's marketing and your own skills. Whether you are creating new pages for the website or ordering link work from an agency, you will have the SEO mindset with you. You will be able to discuss different strategies and perhaps handle certain things yourself.Let us have a look what are the topics that a SEO Training Center in Dhaka must provide in their Online SEO Training in Bangladesh.
1.Advanced Keyword Research
2.Advanced ON-PAGE SEO Techniques
3.Advanced OFF-Page SEO Techniques
4.Technical SEO,Local Seo,E-commerce Seo,Google Search Console & Google Analytics Advanced Techniques of Implementation

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